About us


With support of our distributers all around the world we want to develop and support climbing worldwide. Through out years we have supported many different events worldwide, our products appeared on many world cups, world and continental championships, youth olympics, biggest masters and events, but also small local competitions. 


Our vision is to be unique and different in the world of climbing holds. It is put into action through our focus on material development, quality and fresh ideas that are rooted in professional and recreational climbing experience.  360holds slogan “Everyday something new, everyday something 360” embodies this vision.  We are committed on developing a global story that will inspire route setters and climbers worldwide to climb with imagination and passion for adventure.  

360 TEAM

360 is a team of four friends: Simon, Stanko, Matevž and Katja. Our backrounds are different and make a perfect mixture of knowledge from climbing, design, materials development and business.
Our story proves that friendship, creativity and a drive for constant improvement are the keys to turn dreams into reality. We believe that quality and innovativeness are crucial for success, so we strive to deliver the very best products to inspire climbers, route setters and gym owners. They say variety is attractive and in our case, it is our advantage.