About us


With support of our distributers all around the world we want to develop and support climbing worldwide. Through out years we have supported many different events worldwide, our products appeared on many world cups, world and continental championships, youth olympics, biggest masters and events, but also small local competitions. 


The name 360holds already describes our vision. Our goal is to create a global story and bring high quality products to our costumers all around the world. We want to support and be part of developement of the fast growing sport as climbing is. With the wide range of innovative products and shapes for climbers of all levels, from kids, beginners to pro athletes, we whish to satisfy and inspire all. We are aware that constant development and improvement of the products are required, so we are constantly making studies, searching and testing new materials, brainstorming and looking for something different. Innovations, uniqness and high quality are our advantages and the main features bringing our company to become one of the leading climbing hold company on the market.