About us


With extra support to our distributers all around the world we want to develop climbing and support climbers in their countries. The philosophy of 360holds is to be involved and to support different events of sport climbing. It's been less than one year since we have established our trade mark and yet we have already supported many different events worldwide: Dutch National competition, Catalonyan Boulder Open, Canadian Youth and Open Nationals and our biggest event this year European Boulder Championship in Innsbruck. With additional media support on this events, we are trying to help our distributors to present 360 products to the costumers. Our short production and delivery times satisfy the most demanding customers.


Name of the brand and our logo already describes our vision. Our goal is to bring high quality products to the costumers all around the world for a reasonable price. Even more, we want to support and to develop sport climbing also in the countries without a history in this sport. With wide range of innovative products for kids, beginners, average users and competitors we want to satisfy the demands of every climber. We are aware that constant development and improvement of the products are required. So at the same time when a new product is introduced to the market, we are already making studies and researching new materials and products. innovations and constant quality are our advantages and the main features bringing our company to become one of the leading climbing hold company of the future.